Master Association Board of Directors

The Master Association Board of Directors is charged with enforcing the rules and regulations of the Association, as well as manage the business of running a private community in partnership with the Property Manager. The Master Board usually meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Clubhouse.

    President Connie Mansfield [Single Family]    
    V. President Tom Iannotti [Condos]    
Treasurer Jim Philpot [Condos]  
    Secretary   Kate Uhart  [Condos]    
    Director   Troy Blackwell [Single Family]     
    Director Sandy Siegler [Villas]      
    Director John Cavey [Villas]      

Condo I    
President  - Tom Iannotti Vice President - Mike Frank Secretary/Treasury - Mary Kruegar
Condo II    
President  - Roy Roberts Vice President - Maureen Ryan Secretary/Treasurer - Al Zipperle
Condo III    
President  - Beverly Cordisco Vice President - Rich Uhart Secretary/Treasurer - Russell Gray
Condo V    
President  - Peter Ginder Vice President - Christopher Schoeder Secretary/Treasurer - Vicky Shaw
Condo VI    
President - Lanny Gower Vice President  - LuAnn Housemann Secretary/Treasurer - Mary Ross
Condo VII    
President  - Phil Pettinelli Vice President - Jim Philpot Secretary/Treasurer - Open
Condo VIII    
President  - Roger Kaspar Vice President - Roger Webster Secretary/Treasurer - Regis Fortin
Condo IX    
President  - Annette Bitner Vice President - Virginia Chiapel Secretary/Treasurer - Paul Lewis