Marsh Landing Villas II Homeowners Association

LOCATION: 23120 - 23256 Grassy Pine Drive
There are 17 buildings in Villa II. 
Villa II consists of 47 triplex and duplex homes.


President:  Dennis Edens    Secretary/Treasurer:  James McCrow      Director:  Joy Deeley


  Amendments to the Declaration of Covenants [4/7/2021]  
  Articles of Incorporation Villas II (1999)   
  Declaration of Coven. .Cond & Restric. / Art of Incorp / BY-LAWS [10/25/99]   
  Assignment of Developers Rights [3/31/2000]   
  Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation & BY-LAWS [8/27/2002]   
  Amendment to DCCR [1.20.2011]   
  Amendment Article XI Declaration of C & R (2/13/2015)   
  Rules & Regulations   
  Floor Plans - Villa II   
  Villa II Alteration Application   
  Driveway Paver Specification Sheet   
  Pest Control & Fertilizer Service Schedule   
Landscape Incident Report Form 
  Frequently Asked Questions Villa II HOA  

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Michael J. Towns
Weekdays 8-12
Office at 22901 Marsh Landing Blvd

239-339-7218 Emergencies

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