Marsh Landing Villas Owners Association, Inc.

LOCATION: 23000 - 23112 Grassy Pine Drive
There are 19 buildings in Villa 
Villa consists of 4 4-unit buildings and 15 duplex style buildings. The individual units in the 4-unit buildings are staggered in such a way that from the street they do not look attached to each other.


President - Margaret Duvall      Vice President - Elayne Johnson     Secretary/Treasurer - Paul Brown


  Declaration/By-Laws/Incorporation Doc   
  Floor Plan - The Acacia   
  Floor Plan - The Banyan   
  Recorded Amendment Villa (2015)   
  Villa Amendment to Articles (2015)   

Vesta Property Services
27180 Bay Landing Drive Ste. 4
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Office: 239-947-4552 Fax: 239-495-1518

Manager:  Kailin Francis. -